80’s Hard Rock Music Videos 3 DVD Set

This is an Original Limited Quantity Compilation Promo 80’s Rock Series 3 DVD Set of 150 full length Music Videos.

This DVD set is for retro music lovers. Our DVD mixes are a unique compilations of music video title’s designed to “take you back” to a time where you will watch and listen to the most remembered top music video hits of the era.

Our exclusive optimized DVD design maximizes viewing content while maintaining the best possible video quality. Retro music videos were not produced in HD due to the time period they were made, therefore they must be optimized for the best quality. Our DVD designs are Standard Definition (SD) video content with remastered audio. SD video requires much less data than HD allowing it to maintain good video quality on DVD format. Standard Video Media brings out the true essence of Standard Video (SD) formats for nostalgic viewing.

Our retro music videos are combined with remastered audio bringing out the full dynamic range and sound levels eliminating the noticeable sound compression of old analog recordings.

DVD’s are Region 1, playable in the U.S. and Canada only.

Full music video list

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